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Series 71

Bearing fitting tool kit made of steel, heavy duty

For bearing installation with a hydraulic press or hammer.

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  • For mobile use, we recommend Series 71-L.
  • 33 impact rings made of extra strong steel.
  • 5 strike pipes made of extra strong steel.
  • 1 SELCTHOR, with 2 different impact inserts (PU/CA).
  • Instructions and conversion table in the cover.
  • Secure storage in special foam.
  • Personal KUKKO-Chip-Code.
  • The combination of impact ring and impact sleeve required for the installation of the ball bearing can be found in the table inside the case cover.
  • The axes, bearing casings and gaskets of the bearing will not be damaged.
  • With the combination of the impact ring and the impact pipe, the installation forces are never directed through the rolling elements of the bearing.
  • Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
  • Complete easy-to-manage package.
  • KUKKO-L-Boxx-System compatible with systems by all common manufacturers.
  • Select the impact sleeve and ring that correspond to the ball bearing's ISO number, press start or strike.
  • Quality made in Germany.
  • Strong design, high performance and long service life.
  • Safety label to ensure protection of intellectual property.
  • Ball bearing fitting
  • Removing
  • Set


package unit

St. / pcs.

inner diameter of ball bearing



type of case

number of rings

St. / pcs.

diameter of impact sleeves


number of impact sleeves

St. / pcs.

outer diameter of ball bearing


length of impact sleeve



Commercial vehicles


drive engineering

Customs tariff number

Country of origin

Is packed

Length 1

Length 2

Length 3



Discount group

71 8.3 1 10 - 50 39 L-Boxx 33 15; 20; 30; 40; 55 5 26 - 110 225 82055980 DE 1 445 0 0 360 153 Ku-STA